Well my favourite season is nearly over, I absolutely love Autumn. This is partly down to my hayfever making Spring and Summer pretty miserable and Winter is of course way to cold for me. My main reason for loving Autumn is the beautiful colours, and crunchy leaves.

The tree in our garden is fully shedding its leaves now, they are a gorgeous red-brown colour. I am not going to lie it is a pain having to rake them up, especially when it looks like you haven’t done it for week just hours after you finish 😅 but they are beautiful. Soon we should be seeing frost on the branches and the temperature drop. What’s your favourite season and why?

People are thinking about Christmas now as well with the colder nights drawing in. I have got a few things planned for the Christmas break but not even thought about gifts for the kids. When I asked them the response was simply a blue present. Which should be easy to achieve, although I am not sure they will be happy with that on the day.

Thought I would quickly pop on as it’s been such a busy weekend. I am still pretty quiet on the social front but as I’m sat in A&E I figured I had a load of time to waffle to you all. My husband is being checked over for concussion so we might be here a while.

On a lighter note I finally got myself a snoodie so I can keep nice a warm during the colder months. I do have three blankets in the house but the kids have claimed one each so I have been left with nothing. I have a few markets planned so I might rock that while out and about.

As I mentioned in my last blog post I have lost a lot of my Mojo when it comes to Self a Steam and making goodies for you. I have a few markets over the coming month so I am hoping that give me a kick that I need.

I have also just brought myself a shampoo assessment so I can make an amazing shampoo bar with all the same fruity fragrances as my Body Foamers. I plan to just make this for myself to begin with as I don’t have the motivation to do all the admin work and market it, but if you are interested just drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

As always I’m here if you have any questions of if you fancy something custom just drop me a message.

Bye for now x

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