Well, that first half term of school absolutely flew by. C has really settled into Reception and normally goes in with a skip and comes out with a smile. It has been crazy watching how much he has learnt, from only recognising the letter C as being his name to being able to make multiple sounds and even blending letters together to make short words. I am beyond proud of what he has achieved. I

The TwinkerBells are also flying at Preschool but they ooze confidence so I am not surprised. Finally, it seems like F has cracked potty training so that’s me finished with nappies, at least during the day. And they have both learnt how to ride their bikes without stabilisers. I’m going to have to start running so I can keep up with them!

I am terrible when it comes to the school holidays and never seem to know when they are happening until the day before. I haven’t got anything planned to do with them or keep them entertained. I’m not a big fan of scary Halloween celebrations and so none of the activities on will suit, pumpkin picking is a waste for us as well. The kids are too young to carve anything and they won’t bake a pumpkin pie with me.

I’ve got signed off by my amazing physio and so have started back at the gym. It’s been a slow process to make sure I don’t injure myself by overdoing it, but I’m really starting to feel the benefits. Getting back to the gym has been really important to me since my kids were born, so it feel good that after so long it’s finally a reality.

Sadly, due to this I haven’t really been doing much with Self a Steam. Social media has slipped and even keeping everything in stock hasn’t happened. I have completed a few custom orders for Halloween and have some soaps in stock that I’m really happy with but I just haven’t got round to putting them on the website.

I have also found some really nice sponges and sorted the packaging for them, so I am hoping to get those finalised shortly. My biggest problem is uploading them to the UK Cosmetics Portal, this is part of the legal admin I have to do before I am allowed to sell my products. It has recently been changed and so I now need to do some research and figure out the new system.

Because I have lost a bit of my motivation, I have joined Etsy in the hopes this boosts sales and gives me the kick up the bum I need to get back to making. The biggest problem with this is I am terrible at taking artsy photos 🤣 hey ho I’m going to give it a trial and see how it goes. As always if you want anything custom give me a shout.

Bye for now x

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