Christmas has been and gone and we are currently in that lul between Christmas and New Year. Nobody knows quite what day it is or what they should be doing with themselves, full of too much food with the house a mess with new gifts and nowhere for them to live.

I’m currently tucked up in bed with a fever and throat infection of some sort. The bonus of this means I won’t be able to pig out on all the goodies we have and hopefully won’t pile on 100lbs 🤣

I hope everyone has had a magical Christmas, this year the girls really understood Santa and were very excited, which made our first year when everyone understood and it was amazing. We were able to mix traditions from both mine and Nick’s childhoods which made it extra special.

We don’t really make a big deal out of the New Year as a family. I know for a lot of people it’s the time to start something new but I always find resolutions are pretty impossible to keep so I generally try and start something New just when I feel like it’s the right time and I am in a good headspace.

Because of this in November I purchased a brand spanking new assessment. I’ve been busy in the background testing the recipe and playing with the colours. I thought I had finalised the design and sent out a few to customers only to find that my design is a few mm too thick for me to be able to pay them as a Large Letter 🙈 I’m going to do a bit if rejigging to see if I can make them a bit wider so they will be thinner without loosing product.

Once I’ve got some decent pictures I’ll be launching them but if you are interested in grabbing one before everyone else then please drop me a message.

I’ll leave you for now to enjoy your New Year Celebrations, whatever your doing I hope you have the best time.

Bye for now x

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