Hi everybody, I’m not quite sure what to ramble on about this month. I do love writing these blog posts to tell you what I’ve been up to. I’ve sat here for half hour now and I’m just not sure what to write.

I’m back ☺️ so I went off and got myself a cuppa tea and sat in my garden to ponder, when it dawned on me you would all love to hear about our new garden. As many of you know we moved house in September last year and the garden was described as low maintenance….

What they meant was there were stones everywhere, and it was on different levels. The weed membrane hadn’t been laid properly so there were weeds coming up everywhere and we kept finding glass and screws. In short, it was a complete mess and not safe for three young children or our two dogs. It was our aim to get it sorted ready for the summer.

It’s taken a lot of work but we have managed it. First we had dig out a load of the stones and remove the path. We reused the path slabs to extend the small patio so we had a base for some decking. We chose decking so we could raise the lowest part of the garden.

Once we had the decking laid we had to hire a digger and dumper to remove the stones from the rest of the garden and a load of the mud so we could level it out. The kids loved this bit especially being able to sit on the digger while it was off. I’m sure Nick had a lot of fun playing with it as well 😅

With the mud and stones out we put down a thick weed membrane, done properly this time and hired a grab lorry to dump 8 tons of type 1 over our wall. The kids were gutted they missed this as they were at nursery. We also needed to make sure we had sleepers around the edge of the garden as a border and because next doors garden would now be on a higher level.

Next began the hard job of moving all the type 1 and using the whacker plate to try and level it off. We needed to have a slight slope in the garden but wanted it to be as level as possible.

Typically the sand and new grass arrived at the same time so we had to leave the grass on the decking for a few days, the kids were not happy about that! In came Grandma and Grandad to give us a hand getting all the sand down and rolling out the grass.

My gosh the grass was heavy, we have gone for artificial so the kids can play on it year round and to help with my severe hayfever. If anyone is thinking of getting artificial grass I can highly recommend Artificial Super Grass they were amazing from start to finish, the quality of the grass is so much higher than the other companies we got samples from as well.

The biggest bonus for me and getting artificial grass means I can now actually go play and roll around on the grass with the kids without my face swelling up and still being able to breathe 😂.

We have a few more things to do like the borders need to be filled ready to plant some fruit trees and wild flowers. Yes both of those will play havoc with my hayfever but I like seeing the bees buzzing around and the kids eat so much fruit we need to start growing it. 🤣

Now for some work news, I’ve been busy creating the fun shaped soaps and miniature bath bombs which you will have the choice of purchasing as either Poo Pots or Pearl Pots 😜. I desperately need to start my Naturals range with essential oils and natural colourants but I just haven’t found the time to play and figure out what I like. I’m going to do a post on my page to see what you want me to make first.

As always the products I am making are ultimately for you, to help you stop and relax and make time for you so please do let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to my range that will help you with this.

Bye for now x

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