Today is my actual birthday I’m the ripe old age of 33 ☺️ Yesterday I celebrated with a gorgeous Lemon Drip Cake from Beautifully made by Kirsty, and amazingly tasty bread from Boys Bakery

At 10:40 this morning Myself, My 4yr old son and 3yr old twin daughters got on the train. For 3 hours and 40 minutes all three sat quietly either listening to Animal Ark, Watching the world go by, Talking to me or eating. We didn’t have any arguements, strops or screaming! The two that have been potty trained managed to make it to the toilet without issues (ones only been trained 2 weeks)

On the train we had a chat to a lovely couple before we were joined by a Stag Do all dressed as Elvis Presley! They all looked great but boy they must have been hot in those wigs!

Another lady joined the train a little later on with so much luggage, turns out she had been event managing a festival all week and was heading home. She was in high spirits though and got her guitar out and had a sign song with the Elvis lads. F joined in signing her own song and it helped pass the extra 20 minutes we were stuck on the train due to delays.

We got off the train and rushed around to find a toilet as the station didn’t have any that we could use 🤷🏻‍♀️ Luckily the train station was a short walk from the beach front and there were lovely clean public toilets to use.

So now we are on the beech front with trainers and no swimwear. I was really tired and very hot at this point, we needed something cold! C and F wanted an ice lolly but E wanted a slush so we grabbed those and found some shade to sit in. While getting truly sticky, changing their minds and sharing each others slush and twister, I spoke to a lovely couple who really gave me a boost to carry on the rest of our journey.

I figured out which bus we needed and we soon found the bus stop but it was going to be a 20 minute wait 🙈 we were all tired now and it was exceptionally hot. The children did really well asking questions about the busses and cars going past and we practiced some of our sign language to keep their brains engaged.

The bus driver was very helpful and said he would let me know what stop to get off at. C kept everyone entertained on the bus counting how many corners we went round and asking me questions about everything.

The girls kept pointing out how small I am and how I wouldn’t be able to reach the handles. They also kept telling me they needed to hold hands as there is no seatbelts on busses.

The driver told me we were the next stop but Luckily it ended up being one I knew anyway. Unfortunately, it did mean a 15 minute walk up a hill 😔. I really thought this was going to be where the kids lost control but they all managed it, slowly but we got there.

So here I am writing this at 4:20 and we have finally arrived at our Caravan. Very hot, very tired but also very very proud of how well my little ones have managed today. Let the holiday begin 🥰

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