Happy Sunday everyone.

I just wanted to drop by and give you all a quick update on how things are going. I now have one working mould for my shower steamers with the hopes another five will be posted shortly. I’ve ordered 15 to begin with so I can use one set mould for each different fragrance just to help reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Now I’ve had time to think about it and slow down I’m really happy I made the right decision to postpone launch. It has given me time to step back and really look at my products and the packaging.

I was originally going to use coloured foil to wrap my steamers. I thought it looked really good, but by taking a step back I realised it just looked odd next to my soap and bath bombs which are wrapped in wax paper (soap) and tissue paper (bath bomb) and then placed in a box. A box is a bit overkill for one steamer and I don’t know how many people will order at any one time. Wax paper didn’t look great as my steamers are circular and wax paper doesn’t mould nicely and tissue paper was absorbing the fragrance oil which is the entire point of a steamer. Luckily this isn’t a problem with Bath bombs as the drying method is different.

What have I wrapped my steamers in I hear you ask… Well the short answer is both! The wax paper stops any fragrance oil leaking and then some tissue paper round that makes it more appealing to the eye along with the labels. If multiples are ordered I have some natural twine to tie them with which I think did a nice finishing touch. I’m really happy with the outcome, and a little brucey bonus there is no shrink wrap in sight, my packaging is recyclable!

So what else has been going on… Well some of you may have seen a few videos and posts on my social media outlets, I’m mainly having fun with them at the moment trying to figure out what sort of things I want to post. Oh and the lovely local company who printed my labels has branched out into Business cards and thank you cards so she has made those for me, which are absolutely amazing by the way.

At the moment I am hoping to do a soft launch by the end of the month but I shall keep you all updated, please pop over to my social media @selfasteam.cosmetics to see some videos on my process and let me know if there is anything else you would like to see.

Bye for now x

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