Eek I am super excited as I plan to be 100% ready for launch for Saturday 1st May. I have two more batches of Shower Steamers to make, picture and package and then the website can go live!!!!!

As many of you may know I like to keep busy and so I thought I would just let you in on some of the things that added to the delay in me launching Self A Steam.

First, I have always wanted to have bilingual children and British sign language has always fascinated me. When Chunk was born I took him to Tiny Talk which is a baby sign class and loved it. I soon found myself doing an online course and started saving so I could afford the Level one course at College. So here I am going to College one night a week and I have an Exam tonight!

Secondly, Mollie our first Husky passed away at the start of last year and in November we decided we were ready to open our hearts and home to another rescue. Due to having three toddlers and another resident dog it took a while. We currently have Harley in foster and can officially adopt him on 3rd May. He is a 3 year old Husky who is super bouncy and needs to learn some manners. He has had a rocky start to life as we will be his third home and he needs to put on a few kg as he is so underweight. But he is amazing and so gentle with the kids. Harley and Candy have become firm friends, and the kids jump onto the sofa to get out of their way when they have their mad 10 minutes of play. As you can imagine the new addition to the family has caused quite a bit of disturbance in our usual routine but we all love him and can’t wait until we can adopt him.

Thirdly, as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate with three toddlers, running a house and trying to launch a business. We have also been looking for a new home since this twins arrived and may have finally found one so we’ve had a mad dash to get our house on the market so we can put in an offer. Fingers crossed we can get a bigger place soon as I can add more products for you all.

Oh I almost forgot I am doing a little marketing course as well to try help me understand everything and I rather optimistically joined the gym.

Bye for now x

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