Good morning, today is launch day and, well it’s not going ahead ๐Ÿ˜”

I am gutted and it is really rubbish, but I don’t want to launch quickly I want to launch right and I felt my Steamers were not right. I’ve been working with my designer and a new mould has been created for me. This means the steamers are smaller circles than originally designed but they are thicker so will last just as long but now they have part of my logo on them.

The most annoying thing is the Bath Bombs and Bar Soap is all ready and waiting to be posted and my insurance has kicked in today, so I am all Legal Beagle but I just can’t possibly launch without my flagship product.

The change in design has meant testing each steamer again to make sure I am happy with the aroma, look, fizz and overall experience. No point rushing it now and releasing with a half baked product.

This slight delay also gives me more chance to play with product photos as I am naff at them. The ones I currently have for the website are just annoying and don’t really showcase the products.

Watch this space…

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