Just like that, the summer holidays are over and kids are back to school. Did anyone get up to anything really exciting? Or have the best holiday away? Share your stories with me, I would love to hear what you got up to. We had a brilliant time with lots of adventures finding new play parks and visiting ones we have come to love. Play dates with friends filled with lots of splashing about in the pool. We did a long hike in the Forest of Dean, visited the Beach at Cribs Causeway and had a family day out at Cotswolds Wildlife Park. Ours was fun filled but very tiring.

You might have seen that this September saw the start of my eldest starting Reception and my younger two starting PreSchool. I am sure all of you parents out there know exactly the mixed bottle of emotions both yourself and your child become in the run up to the big day and even the following weeks. There were no tears when I dropped C at the front gates but I was sad that our time together was over and I am going to miss him. I am also very excited for the new adventure this brings him and all the things he is going to learn. My biggest worry at the moment is whether he will make friends and most importantly be happy.

I can see it has emotionally taken its toll on him as well, and this hurts because he doesn’t yet know how to explain his feelings fully so this frustrates him even more. Lots of cuddles are happening at the moment. The girls however, are a completely different story! I have no idea if this is because they are twins and so have each others back or if they are just more confident than their brother. They have been excited to start Preschool and have strutted in each time. It seems they have lots of fun there and they are making friends.

Anyway… onto more interesting talk. As some of you may know at a market I was at a few weeks ago the sun attacked a load of my Shaped soaps and won. As I feared, they would no longer be any good, I pulled them off my website and checked them all over. Most of them were a mess, but I have been able to repurpose them and have been playing with new moulds and techniques. This has led to me having a ton of soap that is now only fit for personal use! But it has also helped me complete a custom order and produce some pretty amazing Halloween soa

ps. I am busy making more of these for you all to get your hands on over the coming weeks.

Once I have got the spooky soaps sorted I will be looking to start on Christmas. I know, I know, I said the C word! Sorry if this seems early to some of you but for others I will be late to the game. I am still struggling with shaped Bath Bombs but I am hoping to have Soap Sponges sorted in time and hopefully a Christmas Soap. I will also be bringing back my Christmas Gift Boxes but as always, if there is anything in particular you are after just drop me a message and I will see what I can do.

Bye for now x

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