Just popping on to say Hi and share a little bit about Me and Self a Steam.

I became a mother in Jan 2018 when my son was born, he was followed shortly after in Dec 2018 by his twin sisters. I still can’t get my head around having three babies in one year or how we managed it, but here we are. Like all other new mum’s I was showered with gifts aimed at pampering and self care, but I didn’t have time for them, didn’t people know I had a new baby to look after!

Two weeks (and a hospital stay) later I understood just how important it was to stop and make time for myself. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to look after my son. As I was working my way through all the amazing gifts I received, one stood out from the rest. It didn’t contain the usual bright coloured creams, lotions and potions. Just these pastel coloured blocks called Shower Steamers. I had never heard of them before, Have you?

After my first one I was absolutely hooked, it was a bath bomb for my shower! An aromatherapy experience, I felt like I had been pampered in a long relaxing bath but had only had a short shower. I became obsessed with these little beauties, I could treat myself everyday. These amazing gems are to become my flagship product. Let the amazing fragrances transport you away while you enjoy the spa like experience in the comfort of your own home. I hope you love them as much as I do x

The beauty of a Shower Steamer was that I could easily carve out 10 minutes a day for a quick shower. I struggled to find the time to use all the bath bombs, bath salts and bubble bars I had been given. It then occured to me that a lot of people didn’t have time for baths these days but with a Shower Steamer they could still treat themselves and so Self a Steam was born.

I want to be able to provide everyone with a little treat and a reason to make time for themselves, stop and unwind.

Bye for now x

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