Well March has begin and I’m feeling pretty naff. Bit of a back story, I’ve had a horrible cough for since the last week in January and the second week in March saw my jaw hurt to the point I couldn’t eat. After missing the kids dance class it turned out I had an infection in my tooth, a course of antibiotics and I’m now clear of toothache but my cough has returned. I am just well and truly fed up of being poorly.

I haven’t been able to make anything for a while. Coughing into a face mask is no fun and I’ve mostly been joining the kids when they have gone to bed anyway. This has also meant no gym for me as well so my head is getting in a bit of a spin. I am 100% adamant I will get back to the gym and start making again before the end of March. I am aiming to make a small batch of Whoa, Black Berry Steamers first as they have been out of stock for a while.

The Shampoo Bar subscription has been launched, along with a few options for you to choose from. I’m trying to get a sample box of the fragrances sorted so you can have a try of all eight before you decide if you want just one or want a random selection. The website however is not playing nicely ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I have signed up to a few small markets but I have been selected to take part in the RAF Brize Norton Family Fun Day and I am just so excited. I have got a lot of planning to do to make sure I have enough time to make the stock as well as allow time for it to dry and be packaged. This will probably result in me being quiet on Social media again ๐Ÿ˜‚ as well as not doing many other markets this year as I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

There has also been a change to my soap safety assessment which means I have a lot of soap that I won’t be able to use after December. Due to this I plan on having a sale on all soap this year so you all get a bargain but I also don’t end up with a lot of soap I can’t sell. So keep your eyes pealed.

Finally, after sadly having to remove my stock from The Craftology Shop in Stroud I am now in talks with another shop to see if they are happy to stock my Shampoo Bars. Hopefully this works out and I can supply further products to their shop in future. I will keep you posted.

Bye for now x

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