Phew! We made it through January. And the weather is really mild, nice crisp fresh mornings but getting warmer during the day, absolutely beautiful. I do love February, as Mother Nature is waking up and early signs of Spring start appearing.

Sadly I have had to remove my stock from the Craftology Shop in Stroud as it just wasn’t working for me. With the shop being half an hour’s drive away I was finding it really hard to find the time to get over there and sort my stock out.

I am currently sat at Soft Play but this time with just my girls as big brother is at school. It’s very odd being here with one missing but I have to try and make the most of them before they start school in September and I’ll be left with no children at home.

I’ve started a new job and absolutely love it, I’m now working part time in a Pharmacy. I am learning loads and love not being “Mum” for a few hours each week. It has also given me a big motivation boost as I have less time to make stuff for Self a Steam I have found myself being more productive.

Shampoo bar subscription is nearly ready to go I just have to test two new moulds to find out which one works, and means it will fit in the post as a large letter. I am also in talks with a local business to see if I can stock her shop but we need to figure out if that is going to work for both of us.

I’ve also been busy trying to sort out the website, especially the soap as it was just such a mess. I will be putting loads in the new Sale section at reduced costs. So keep your eyes pealed for those. I’ve also worked a lot on Social media posts to try and get some out to you on a semi regular basis. So fingers crossed I can keep up with that.

Bye for now x

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