After being open a week I am overwhelmed by all the love and support I have received. I wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has liked and shared my page, purchased and reviewed my products. I love seeing customer pictures and hearing your thoughts so please share away.

It’s taken me three years to build up the confidence and knowledge to begin the journey to opening Self a Steam. I was terrified that I would just spend a load of money and nobody would be interested.

In January I took the plunge and purchased the raw ingredients so I could have a play making shower steamers just for personal use. I had so much fun I thought it was worth a shot. A few weeks later and I had got loads of different ingredients and played with making bath bombs and soap as well.

The next step was to make sure I was covered legally to sell my items and the complexities blew my mind. After joining a few support groups I got my head around everything and sent off for my assessments.

Lots of samples later and a lot of help from friends and family testing and providing feedback and I was able to come up with a range I was happy with.

Along my way I have come across a few local companies who have helped me with advice but also their amazing creations.

Rachel from Bluebird Creations shared a wealth of knowledge and Elle from Personalised Prints has created my beautiful stationery.

Bye for now x

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