Many of you who know me, know I am a massive Discworld Fan, in fact it was the theme for my wedding, and my house is cluttered with paraphernalia. For my Hen do we all became members of the Thieves Guild and had to pinch items off other nightclubbers and ensure they were given a receipt. I know, I know… I am a nerd. But, I just love how I can completely lose myself in a story and the way in which Terry Pratchett writes just makes me laugh. I encourage anyone to read one of Terry’s books and not fall in love with them.

With that in mind I am very proud to say I am a recognised member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers, this is an actual real life Guild and they let me join!!!!! Also, Yes I know I have been a member for nearly a year but I have been so busy making the products and going to fayres, I haven’t had the chance to write this blog. 

What makes this even important is that not anyone can become a member of this guild. Everyone who wishes to be a member have to prove their products are correctly safety assessed and legal for sale, only once this has been checked and confirmed will they allow you to join.

So what does that mean you for? It means you can buy from me safe in the knowledge that all the products you purchase from Self a Steam is fully safety assessed to provide you with high quality cosmetics.

Some of you many have noticed the guild logo has appeared on my business cards and on the website. I also have a certificate which I hope to frame and display at any future fayres I attend so its easy to spot that my products are safe. Many other businesses in this industry will also have the guild’s logo and a certificate on display on either their website or when they are at fayres. 

Why do they need to be assessed I hear you ask. Well, the chemicals used can be damaging if not used in the correct quantities. Even leaving out one ingredient or using a little bit more of one thing can change the entire chemical balance of a product, making it potentially unsafe. These products are to be used on your skin which is why the recipes are tested by a chemical chemist to ensure the chances of a reaction are low. 

I must admit the regulations were a lot to get my head around when I first started out and it seemed very complicated. In my short time in this business I have come across far too many small businesses that are not even aware of these regulations, and so the stuff they are selling is not safe or legal. Most of these businesses would be mortified if one of their customers were to have a reaction but it is a huge risk they are taking by not being safety assessed. I strongly urge you to look for the Guild logo or certificate when buying any products that are to be used on your skin. 

What should I do now? Well why not pop over to the shop and buy yourself some Bath Bombs or Body Foamers safe in the knowledge they have all been safety tested. 

Bye for now x

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