Wow, how it is Easter already, I feel like this year is just flying from underneath me. If you’ve read my posts you’ll know I had a lot planned for the start of the year with lots of new products. You will also have notice a lack of those appearing. I got stuck in my own head and it’s taken longer than I expected.

I am still working on a naturals range using Essential oils but it is proving trickier than I originally thought. I’m not the biggest fan of Essential oils, I know they have a ton of benefits but my nose just doesn’t like them very much. This makes it especially hard to find the right amount of essential oil so the smell nice without being too weak or too strong.

The operation I had knocked me for six as well and so I’ve had to take a few weeks off doing anything. The few times I’ve tried to make anything I’ve either ended up with a completely wasted batch or something has gone wrong. This has led me to a Perfectly ImPerfect range.

This range will simply be any items I’ve made that have not passed Quality Control or I am not happy with for some reason. They will not look great but they will still function as you would expect. Any Bath Bombs will still foam and fizz and leave your skin feeling soft. Body Foamers will still foam luxuriously and scrub you from head to toe. Soaps will most likely be random colour combinations that didn’t turn out how I expected or where I’m practicing a new technique but will still smell amazing.

It has also led to me making a small soaps range, these will most likely be just be one colour but a fun shape. One of the other reasons I have been led down this path is a certain customer who confessed she cut my soap bars in half as they lasted so long she would get bored and wanted to have a different fragrance ๐Ÿคฃ.

What else is going on… oh yes I find out next week which school my son will be going to. I can’t believe he is old enough to start big school. He is so excited to start big school but I’m dreading it. The school run in the morning for the next year is going to be a big pain if we do get our first choice. 5 minutes in one direction to drop of Child 1 and then 25 minutes in the opposite direction to drop off Child 2 & 3 ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I am planning on having a bit of a sale soon as Self a Steam will be celebrating its first birthday ๐ŸŽ‰ I am so proud of everything I have achieved this year. It took me three years to build the confidence to share my idea with family and was surprised when they thought it was a good idea and I should go for it. Lots of trial and error followed and Self a Steam was born on 1st May 2021. Watch this space!

Bye for now x

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