As we draw near to the end of the everlasting January, counting down the days to Payday I just want to reflect on my month.

In the beginning I had so many plans for the year my head was just buzzing with ideas I didn’t know where to start. In typical Amy fashion I tried to do it all at once which if course didn’t work at all and ended up with me wasting a lot of ingredients.

I’m not sure it helped that December & January are super busy months for me anyway. With the twins birthday and then Christmas, followed by my husband, son, sister and dads birthdays it just flies by in a complete blur.

However, I did manage to get a new safety assessment on Body Foamers. These are a one use luxury body wash. I’m not only really enjoying making them but they are just amazing to use. I am hoping these are going to be another product that people who are short on time can enjoy and make that little bit of time for them to pamper themselves. I am aiming to release them in time for the end of January.

My love for Shower Steamers continues and I am currently testing a few new fragrances. Coconut and Lavender are two in particular that have been requested by customers which hopefully will be added in the next few months. If there is any fragrance that takes your fancy give me a shout and I will do my best to accommodate.

I’m also working on making a few gift box options as these were really popular at Christmas and I would like people to have a selection to choose from for Birthdays and other gifts through the year. Of course, you can just message me your budget and what your looking for and we can work together to make something fabulous for you to gift or for yourself to pamper.

Anyway, enough of me wittering. Bye for now x

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