Well it’s been a crazy few weeks here. As most of you know we moved house in September so everything was turned upside down. We packed up the house as much as possible, and put a lot in storage to move later. This upset the kids and dogs, but we didn’t see another way of moving 9+ years of accumulated junk in one day!

Luckily, we have some amazing friends and family and moving day went smoothly. A few weeks later and the house is still full of boxes, haha I will get through it. It’s hard trying to find homes for everything or get rid of stuff that is no longer needed. I’m a major book worm and keeping 24 boxes full of books was a bit optimistic and certainly hasn’t helped matters. I’m slowly trying to sort through them and be brutal about which ones I will actually read again. Luckily I have found a small company who gives second hand books a new lease of life and will be sending as many as I can to LuNay Nook.

Due to the move I had a long period where I couldnt make any products. This meant for the first time I had products out of stock 😯 Can you believe it? Actually out of stock! I had to get a wiggle on and got my little makers corner sorted, and to get back into the swing of things made a few small batches. Having the time away from making has really made me realise how much I enjoy what I do. I really do have the best job, it is so much fun making these products and I just hope they make people smile as much as they do me.

As you may have seen on my social media’s I have also taken part in two craft fairs recently. It has been a breath of fresh air getting out and speaking to people again. I have truly enjoyed meeting lots of new people, customers and business owners alike. I love watching people have a good ol’ sniff of my products and seeing the amazement in their faces. They are either going back for another sniff or crinkle their nose and try to hide their dislike for that fragrance.

I have got four more fairs in the run up to Christmas and I really hope I can meet lots of lovely new people. I am gonig to spend the next few weeks getting ready and making as many products as I possible can. As nice as it was selling out of a few Steamers at my last show, I hated disapointing people and not being able to give them the items they wanted.

Once Christmas is out of the way I will be working on a new Naturals range for you all. This range will be using Essential Oils and Natural colourants instead of Fragrance oils and the bright colours I am using at the moment. This is in the hope that I have a range to suit everyone. I have lots of plans buzzing around in my head but I need to take things slow as I still have my little ones to look after.

As you all know I passed my BSL level 1 course at the end of August as well. I am so proud of myself for completing this course as I have wanted to learn BSL for a long time. However, once I finished I felt I needed a new challenge and I dont think I am ready for BSL Level 2 and so have deceided to become a Home Start Volunteer. Home Start is a charity very close to my heart and I am excited to be able to give back. I will be spending the next few weeks training with them and hope to start as a volunteer properly in January. Anyway enough of me rabbiting away, I have products to make for you wonderful people.

Bye for now x

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